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The BB700 Scan Tool is capable of doing so much more than a Code Reader. A Code Reader is a basic tool that simply displays trouble codes and might have the ability to TURN OFF the dreaded check engine light. This Auto Scanner provides more data, onscreen definitions, graphs live parameters, resets engine trouble codes, turns OFF the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT and so much more. Big Banana LLC also offers FREE upgrades / downloades via internet.

This OBDII Scan Tool is designed with everyone in mind - Auto Professionals, Mechanics, DIY'ers and non DIY'ers.




On-Screen Diagnostic Code Definitions


Displays On-Screen Diagnostic Trouble Codes; Over 100 Descriptions and Definitions; No manual needed.

Retrieves Diagnostic Trouble Codes


Retrieves, Displays and Clears Generic and Manufacture Specific Codes (P0, P1, P2, P3, U0 and U1) and Multiple/Pending Codes.

Live Data


Reads and Displays Live Data Parameters in real time - RPM, Engine Coolant, Temperature, Vehicle Speed, Oxygen Sensor Data, O2 Voltage, Temps, MAF and more.

Freeze Frame Data


Freeze Frame Data is a snapshot of the engines condition at the time of the emission-related fault. These vehicle conditions are recorded by the on-board computer.

I/M Readiness


Inspection / Maintenance is a snapshot of the emission systems operations for all OBD II vehicles - i.e., Misfire Monitor, Evap Systems Monitor, Oxygen Sensor Monitor and the EGR System Monitor...



Reads and Displays VIN Numbers, Calibration ID (Cal ID) numbers, Calibration Verification (CVN) numbers and in use Performance tracking. 

Additional Features















1996 to Present, OBDII - European, Asian and Domestic Vehicles

Large (160x160) Back-lit LCD Display with Contrast

Bilingual (English / Spanish)

Live Graphing

Mode 6 (option for professional use)

CAN Compliance

Communicates with all OBDII Protocols 

Resets and Turns OFF "Check Engine" Light

Displays Oxygen Sensor Data

Plug and Play

Stand Alone Unit


Easy to Use

Safely Communicates with the On-Board Computer

No Batteries Needed


CAN OBDII Auto Scanner with Protective Case

OBD2 16-PIN DLC Cable (removable)

Quick Operation Guide

CD (manual, quick guide, manufacturing codes)

Micro SD USB Key (for updating software)

USB Cable


Big Banana, LLC is a US based company. We warrant this product, when properly used under normal conditions of use, to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from its original date of purchase. This warranty covers product defects only. It does not cover incidental or consequential damages as a result of misuse or abuse.